Dental Implantology – Advanced

gain expert knowledge in next level implantology. perform advance cases under the guidance and supervision of an experienced surgeon.

COURSE details

When? 12/2020, 04/2021

Where? Israel/Online + Europe

Language: English/Hebrew

Price: 3,500 USD


14-days program composed of theoretical part (10 days) and practical part (4 days). This intensive program focuses on advanced techniques in dental implant surgery. You will learn surgical techniques on guided bone regeneration and sinus augmentations. Participating in real difficult patients cases and acquire simple effective skills. You will perform live surgeries on patients with instructor supervising the entire surgery.


  • Knowledge and experience in basic implantology technique

if you are missing basic implantology principles and practice, we suggest to take our beginner course before.


theoretical part

  • Density forces and bone volume loads
  • Bone building – principles that are a must for success
  • Bone and membrane replacement types
  • Trivial and virtual augmentation techniques disadvantages and advantages (GBR blocks, moving bone, splitting, and extending soft tissue bone care)
  • Anatomy and physiology of the maxillary sinus
  • Surgical assessments – preparing the patient and the room for sinus lift surgery (Parameterization, sterilization, postoperative instructions and informed consent)
  • Coping with systemic problems
  • Lifting “open” sinus step by step
  • Lifting “closed” sinus step by step
  • Nasal floor lifting step by step
  • Augmentation step by step
  • All At Once method
  • Implants at extreme angles

practical part

  • Viewing advanced dental implantation
  • Assist in advanced dental implantation
  • Place advanced implants on live patient under guidance


provide upon request.