Dental Implantology – Beginner

place implants IN live patients while a professional surgeon support and guide you. Classical Implant Cases with Sufficient Bone Structure.

COURSE details

When? 12/2020, 4/2021

Where? Israel/Online + Europe

Language: English/Hebrew

Price: 3000 USD


14-days program composed of theoretical part (10 days) and practical part (4 days). It is designed to cover basic knowledge about dental implant surgery. This course will allow clinicians to build fundamental knowledge of implant placement, diagnosis, treatment and operation on single and multiple implants. After this course, you will be able to understand the planning and surgical protocol for the use of surgical templates. You will know how to perform proper placement of dental implants. You will perform live surgeries on patients with instructor supervising the entire surgery.


  • Knowledge in basic surgical principles (suturing, incisions and flap design)

if you ARE missing basic surgical principles, we suggest to take OUR minor procedures course before.


theoretical part

  • History and Treatment plan
  • Surface types and different implant methods (Free-handed vs. computer guided surgery)
  • Quantity, bone density, loads and forces as key to success
  • Useful anatomy
  • Soft and bone tissue healing processes
  • Panoramic reading, understanding and decoding and CT
  • Complications and solutions
  • The surgical environment
  • Soft tissue treatment
  • Step-by-step surgery
  • Knowledge of the surgical assessment

practical part

  • Viewing dental implantation
  • Assist in dental implantation
  • Place implant on live patient under guidance


provide upon request.